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Low lying placenta and sex

ultrasound scans, when it is called a low-lying placenta. In most cases The bleeding is usually painless and may occur after sexual intercourse. Occasionally . Hi, I am 22 weeks pregnant and had my scan last Friday. All was thankfully fine, apart from that I have a low lying anterior placenta. They told me t. Placenta Position – Low Lying, Marginal and Previa Pregnant women with a low placenta or placenta previa after 28 weeks should not have sex orgasm is. Oct 22,  · I have placenta previa and I have been told no sex! With my first I also had a low lying placenta but it wasn't covering, just really close and we continued having sex. I believe no sex when it's covering. If your doctor hasn't said anything, I would assume your okay. I have a low lying placenta diagnosed at 20 week scan and was advised no sex or heavy lifting. I would check with you midwife as the advice may depend on ho lo lying you placenta is (mine was covering the cervix completely). Sep 22,  · If the placenta attaches instead to the lower part of the uterus, it can cover part or all of the cervix. When the placenta covers part or all of the cervix during the last months of pregnancy, the Author: Shannon Johnson.
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