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Forensic facial reconstruction cases

Associate Professor of Forensic Pathology, School of Medicine, University of Auckland . Stoneyand Koelmeyer: Facial Reconstruction: a case reportand review. The utility of forensic facial reconstruction will be discussed with reference to the investigation of cases of missing persons, and to current. Forensic facial reconstruction (or forensic facial approximation) is the process of recreating the . In this case, a thorough examination of the skull is completed. The circumstances under which a facial reconstruction would be necessary. The key muscles groups of the face and the order in which they are applied to a skull in a facial reconstruction. How the facial reconstruction method relates to the broader field of forensic work. Jul 24,  · Facial reconstruction is a method used in forensic anthropology to aid in the identification of skeletal remains. The reproduction of the facial features of an individual is based upon the average soft tissue thicknesses over various anatomical sites of the skull and jaws (Krogman and Iscan ) and is duplicated by means of modeling clay. Oct 20,  · The GBI forensic artist uses scientific methods of Forensic Facial Reconstruction as taught by the former GBI forensic artist, Marla Lawson. Over the years, the GBI has utilized forensic artistry in thousands of cases in the form of composite sketches that contain great detail and likeness to .
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