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  • 12.06.2010
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Reporting sexual violence

The abuse, first violent, became sexual when Thao was Terrified, she eventually went to her mother but they chose not to report it. Sexual violence is a complex societal issue, making it a highly important, yet complicated topic to report on in the media. We appreciate the media's commitment. Sexual Violence Myths & Facts. There is a lot of information that circulates about sexual violence and the people affected by it. The following myths are common. Anonymous Reporting Students do have the right and ability to anonymously report an act of sexual violence as victims, perpetrators, or witnesses of the act. The process of anonymous reporting is currently only available in person. However, there is an online form that will be available shortly. Sexual violence (SV) is a significant problem in the United States. SV refers to sexual activity when consent is not obtained or not given freely. Anyone can experience SV, but most victims are female. The person responsible for the violence is typically male and usually someone known to the victim. Reporting Sexual Violence. It is your right to choose whether to report sexual violence. You may choose to report the incident right away, after taking some time to get support and take care of yourself, or you may choose to never report the incident. You may choose to report the incident to the University, law enforcement, both, or neither.
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