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  • 15.06.2010
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Bet my bottom dollar

Origin of Bet Your Bottom Dollar. Bet my bottom dollar The idiom bet your bottom dollar originates from the United States. Like many idioms, there are multiple. Be certain that something will happen (so much so that one would hypothetically risk one's last dollar betting on it). I lost my umbrella, so you can bet your bottom. What's the meaning and origin of the phrase 'Bet your bottom dollar'?. What's the origin of the phrase 'Bet your bottom dollar'? Unsurprisingly, this in an American phrase. First cited in the La Crosse Independent Republican, September "I'm goin' to vote for you [James Polk] - you can bet your bottom dollar on that!". Jan 18,  · bet one 's bottom dollar (idiomatic) To be absolutely sure of something; to be certain enough of something to wager everything. He talks about it a lot, but I would bet my bottom dollar that he has never actually been there. If you say that you bet your bottom dollar that something will happen or is true, you mean that you are certain that it will happen or that it is true. A police insider was quoted as saying of the crime: `You can bet your bottom dollar Sinclair was involved'.
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