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Ct scan breast cancer

A CT scan (also called a CAT scan, or computerized tomography scan) is an X- ray technique that gives doctors information about the body's. Your guide to having a CT scan to find out if breast cancer has spread to another part of the body. Find out how you have one, about preparing for one and. This form of breast imaging is sometimes used to find small breast cancers, Bone scans and CT scans are not routine tests for breast cancer and are only done. Sep 08,  · Merrysee, in all likelihood if you had BC the CT scan would have picked it up. After I was diagnosed I had a CT scan. The report said they saw the cancer in my breast and the cancer in the lymph nodes. The lymph node involvement was not picked up by mammo, U/S or MRI. So it looks like your problem was caused by the implants. A computed tomography (CT) scan is a test your doctor might use to look for a problem inside your body, plan your surgery, or check how well a treatment is working for you. Breast Cancer Quiz Author: Stephanie Watson. Jun 23,  · After treatment, CT scans may be used if there is reason to think the breast cancer has spread or recurred outside the breast. Some researchers are investigating whether breast CT scans could be a better screening tool than traditional mammography. During breast CT, you lie face down on a table while a CT scanner rotates around the breast. The.
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