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Vaginal skin changes

The vulva is the area surrounding the opening of the vagina. It includes the labia (the inner and outer vaginal or a change in the skin colour and texture. There are a number of skin conditions that can affect the vulva. Even if you can' t pinpoint a change, that doesn't mean your standard routine. Although skin tags are harmless, vaginal skin tags may cause STD-like symptoms. Here's how to correctly identify a vaginal skin tag, treat it. Nov 06,  · Hormonal changes that occur in pregnancy may increase a woman’s chances for developing vaginal skin tags. In addition, changes to the body may increase friction with skin Author: Kimberly Holland. Apr 29,  · The vagina itself VVA affects the vagina as well as the vulva. "The loss of our sex hormone (estrogen) can result in dramatic changes in the appearance and function of the vagina," says Dr. Swica. "The vaginal opening can shrink, and the length of the vagina Author: girlsgotgamevolleyball.com Jul 25,  · Various sexually transmitted infections can affect the vagina, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital warts, syphilis and genital herpes. Signs might include abnormal vaginal discharge or genital sores. Vaginitis. An infection or change in the normal balance of vaginal yeast and bacteria can cause inflammation of the vagina (vaginitis).
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