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Asian forest scorpion

The Asian forest scorpion's native habitat ranges from India to Malaysia. It is a large, stocky, heavy, black scorpion that may grow up to five inches in length. Care Sheet - Asian Forest Scorpions are a very common scorpion kept as a pet and are found in Asian Tropical forests and can be quite. Find out everything you need to know to keep Asian forest scorpion at home. We' ll make sure you get all the right knowledge to care for your scorpion. Asian Forest Scorpions (Heterometrus species) by Jon Fouskaris. Asian Forest Scorpions actually resemble the Emperor Scorpion in coloration, and even shape. These scorpions are dark brown to black, with most species sporting a green or blue tint in certain lighting. They are hardy scorpions, in that way they are similar to Emperor Scorpions. Heterometrus, whose members are also known by the collective vernacular name giant forest scorpions, is a genus of scorpions belonging to the family Scorpionidae. It is distributed widely across tropical and subtropical southeastern Asia, including Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and China. It is notable for containing some of the largest living species of scorpions. Asian Forest Scorpion Heterometrus spinifer. We have several Asian Forest scorpions for sale at the lowest prices anywhere. This hardy species is large, heavy, and can attain an impressive length of inches. Always great eaters, feeding time is a frenzy. They can be kept in groups if kept well fed.
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