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  • 08.05.2010
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Asian carp management

Increased threat of Asian carp entering the Great Lakes and spreading to other Successful management of invasive species requires methods to contain future. Since the s invasive Asian carp have steadily migrated north into the of fisheries management at the Great Lakes Fishery Commission. USGS participates in the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating USGS research activities are conducted with a management action or objective. Provides basic information about common carp and invasive Asian carp species. The newest invaders, bighead carp, black carp, grass carp, and silver carp that originated from Asia are collectively know as "Asian carp." These carp species are causing issues in the Mississippi river and surrounding waters. Asian carp are fast growing and prolific feeders that out-compete native. Asian Carp. DNA monitoring of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal began in and found Carp DNA beyond the last lock in place before the electric barriers and beyond the barriers as well. Advocates for closing the two navigation Chicago locks to Lake Michigan began calling for Watershed Separation and taking the lock issue to court. Asian carp can invade new bodies of water by accident. Anglers throwing cast nets for bait in the tailwaters of Kentucky and Barkley lakes or beneath locks and dams on the Ohio River may capture young Asian carp along with the native shad. Young Asian carp look exceptionally similar to native .
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