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  • 06.01.2010
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Lose my virginity fast

Well, I had been trying like hell to lose my virginity since about age . Logically we know that sex doesn't happen that fast and effortlessly but seeing it. Not all of us lose our virginities at age 16 in the back of an old Camry. If you're still a virgin later in life, it can feel like you're the last person on. Being a male virgin sucks, especially when your friends or family know about it and tease you because of it. If you want to lose your virginity, the first thing you. Mar 20,  · I am a 15 year old girl. I have thought about it a lot and I want to loose my virginity as fast as possible. I hear the first time sucks anyway so why not get it over with. So please I don't want to hear why I shouldn't do it. How can I get a guy to have sex with me quick??? Should I find and older guy? If so how much older and should I tell him I am a virgin before we have sex???Status: Open. I'm not being peer pressured by society or under the assumption that losing my virginity will bring super confident powers to me or something, I just really want to have sex, I'm so fed up of spanking the monkey I want to try the real thing, but girls are just too confusing for me, I can't flirt for the life of me and say I see it, I'm not losing it by getting a relationship any time soon. Jun 27,  · This quiz will tell you what age you will lose your virginity. I know you have been curious about it since the day you have come to knowing about such stuff, right?Well, wonder no more, we have got you this quiz. It will help you understand what age you will lose your virginity.
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