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  • 03.03.2010
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Dog swallowed condom

As the subject says, my 1 year old Jack Russell Terrier just ate a condom out of the trash. What should I do? Will he just poop it out, do I need to. Items like condoms and menstrual cups are comes down to size; both of the dog and the item. Generally, it it has been under 2 hours since the dog ate the condom, I would recommend with clients of mine that they make the dog vomit. Feb 03,  · My dog is shaking, he ate a condom out of the trash and threw the whole thing up with food. He doesnt have a fever () last I checked about 30 minutes ago and his gums are normal when th capillar read more. Sep 22,  · My dog ate a condom:(This is a discussion on My dog ate a condom:(within the Dog Health forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; My 7 pound yorkie had a condom 2 days ago. I have checked all of his poops (3 so far) and still haven't seen it. What should you do if your dog ate a tampon or condom? Don’t panic. Your first instinct might be to freak out, not only because your dog might have eaten something dangerous, but because now you’ll have to have that awkward conversation with your vet about how many used tampons your dog has fished out of the bathroom trash can.
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