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  • 03.04.2010
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Bengay on penis

Lesson learned the hard way. My dick felt like it was on fire!:eek:(thats pretty much what my face looked like 10 seconds after putting it on). His thing burns from the dry friction, not the bengay, if you know what I someone suggested bengay on the penis as a means of staying up. TIFU by putting Bengay on my dick. Happened earlier today. You all know the story starts with not paying attention/distractions. So my neck, shoulder, and. Mar 06,  · Yeah, good taste, a user who rubbed Bengay on his penis and has a masturbating jackrabbit for a sig. Good fucking taste indeed. Now, I'm panicing, and the overall good idea to tackle all this would be to wet a rag or a paper towel and wash it with that. But, I wasn't at that stage yet. Oh no, I had the next best idea. Mar 11,  · my first "true" girlfriend when we were 14 (who i lost my virginity too, vice versa) found out that by using it while she was away at camp to masturbate it helped, she brought it home, showed me, it enhanced some sex pretty good. Bengay was brought to North America from France in and continues to relieve pain for millions of sufferers more than years later. Developed in the late 's by Dr Bengue, a French pharmacist, BENGAY (analgesic rub) is a medicated cream that reduces muscle and joint pain. The BENGAY family of analgesic rubs offers quick and effective.
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