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  • 01.05.2010
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No sexual desire for husband

Does your partner have a low sex drive? If so, you are not alone according to author Michele Weiner-Davis who coined the term "sex starved wife.". Loss of sexual desire, known in medical terms as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), is the most common form of sexual dysfunction among women of all. Loss of libido in men is not as common as in women, but it seems to have a greater Many modern, loving, and conscientious husbands feel they have not truly. Nov 28,  · Hi, I'm sure this has been brought up before on a site like this. I basically have no desire, no attraction to my husband whatsoever. I noticed it started a few years ago--we married almost 9 years ago. I love him as a friend, and he is my best friend. We've had some good times. I'm really emotionally attached to hum. ‘I’m no longer sexually attracted to my husband’ According to a new survey, sexual desire in any relationship wanes after just 12 months. You say you’re in good shape, but you could have the body of Gisele and he wouldn’t be ripping your clothes off after 18 years. And you wouldn’t be ripping his off even if he looked like David. Nov 09,  · There can be many reasons as to why your husband has this lack of sexual desire. Some examples are health problems not even directly related to sex, depression, distored outlook of sex even from childhood, weight gain, past abuse or hurt from childhood or past relationships, and etc.
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