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  • 05.06.2010
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Pete wentz gay

As the frontman for pop-punk band Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz glories in "There's part of me that kind of wishes I was gay, and I think that comes. The Fall Out Boy rocker, who is expecting his first child with new wife Ashlee Simpson, insists he is happily married and only interested in women. Pete, who has previously referred to himself as "half gay", told Out magazine: "When I'm going down the street I get called a fag all. “I heard it's gay night, right?” he asked us, after we complimented his pointy hair. Turns out Pete has “great 'dar,” by which he means he has a. Dec 19,  · In the December issue of Elle, Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz talks about the nude photos of himself that leaked online last year. From the Q&A: ELLE: Like millions of others, I've seen these photos. But if a picture of your penis is going to get Author: Katherine Thomson. Pete, who has bragged about making out with men and enjoys shocking his audiences by licking and kissing his bandmates on stage, says that "homophobia is the last acceptable hatred." "Whenever you say that homophobia is stupid, you just get called gay," he told Out. Hey you know what's cool about Pete Wentz? Absolutely nothing. Well, OK, fine. It's cool that the Fall Out Boy bassist, professional celebrity, and Joe Simpson son-in-law is not homophobic, as is.
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